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Known as mental health and wellness PR guides, we are devoted to generating buzz around your brand through our expertise, key collaborations and creative strategies.

Painting on Canvas

Most of the time, when you hear someone mention words like public relations, branding, marketing, press, Press, PRESS…you don’t associate it with mental health.  Why would you? More often than not, people don’t engage in mental health topics in a positive way.

Well, listen here.

That thought process is stigma induced. And to be in the mental health industry, it’s hard enough with people outside looking in having that stigma.

Oh, we're not leaving you out holistic and alternative medicine practitioners. You ALL have a common goal—the mental wellness of people and their healthy emotional well-being.  

Now what person who is currently suffering or knows someone wrestling with a negative mental state wouldn’t want to know how to maneuver through those murky waters by coping?


So why do you feel public relations strategies are not attainable?

Why do you feel you cannot benefit from a boost of what you are passionate about?

How else will the people hurting, the people in despair, grieving, those who have trouble processing trauma, know you are there and have effective ways to help them?



At Wisdom Like Honey PR, we choose to dedicate ourselves to our clients. Gaining exposure to the right audiences produces beneficial results. Since we are firm believers in the power of real relationships, we operate authentically to build those relationships for your brand.  Using creative PR campaigns, strategic partnerships, a network of key media contacts and overall listening to what is important in these industries, we strive to create impressive headlines, translating to the success of our clients. We are eager to be a key resource in boosting your brand, and show how our commitment to promoting you is the sweetest reward.

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